Jaklho Kind Of A Hi-Jinx (Kenji)
NHSB 2504292 Male

Hi-Jinx Spruce
Hi-Jinx Black N Dekker
AKC NM66726701
Sasuke Of Paladin
AKC NM51477103
Foxtrot High Lites (Suzu)
AKC NM33594105
Hi-Jinx Twig (Twig)
AKC NM67147101
Kori Bushi Of Kitsunebiso (Kori)
AKC NM522847/01
Foxtrot's Cinnamon Toast
AKC NM336001/03
Hi-Jinx Amity (Amity)
NHSB 2325597
Kori Bushi Of Kitsunebiso (Kori)
AKC NM522847/01
Heki No Ken Of Daini Hekihoso
AKC NM338190/01
Azusakikuhime Of Matsunaga Ono Kensha
AKC NM435438/01
San Jo Social Butterfly (Cho Cho)
Sho Go Gold Typhoon
AKC NM683030/01
Rihoko Go Ryukyu Uruma
AKC SBNM579834

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