Asa No Matsu Go Av Enerhaugen
NO46380/14 Male

  • Born: 2014-06-20
  • Color: Red
Nichibei No Otaka Go Kinmonsou (Otaka)
AKC NP32258204
Nichibei No Kokuho Go Kinmonsou
AKC NP27153601
Ryoma Go Kashu Yamanaka
AKC NM86528203
Copperdots Harusame Of Nichibei
AKC NP18948801
Hanabi No Akihime Go Nichibeisou
AKC NP21904305
Jagosou's Notorious
AKC NP05301201
Kazakoshi No Benihime Go Yokosama Atsumi
AKC NP12747601
Asa No Kuro Suzuka Go Av Enerhaugen (Suki)
Aso No Ryuuou Go Takayuusou
Tsukasa No Ryuuou Go Sunanuma Tsukasasou
NIPPO 10-14288
Takayuu No Satsuki Go Takayuusou
NIPPO 15-15346
Aso No Kana Go Takayuusou (Akiko)
Aso No Kuroteru Go Takayuusou
Takayuu No Suzuka Go Takayuusou
NIPPO 14-14816

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