Precious Amida Kagetora (Amida)
NHSB 2608460 Female

Tanasea Tetsu Go Taimatsu
AKC NP04964701
Tanasea's Taimatsu
AKC NM93629401
AKC SB NM 936294/01
AKC NM936294/01
Suzuwaka Go Takahirosow
AKC NM84920901
Tanasea's Torch Of Zen
AKC NM686300/02
Jakufumime Go Honjou Arakisow
NIPPO 5-19659

NHSB 2374148
Qyoketsu Del Monte De Haya
NHSB 2125948

Girisha Hime Del Cazadora Blanca
NHSB 2280781
Daigomi Shorai Del Cazadora Blanca
NHSB 2033733
Mara-Shimas Hime Del Monte
CMKU /SI/182/96


2 children, 7 grandchildren, 4 grandgrandchildren

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