Dt. Jugend-Champion VDH
Foxy Bee Charles Bronson (Tetsu)
NHSB 2963465 Male

Mara-Shimas Kei Mikata (MIO)
NHSB: 2852188
Raiden Of The Willow Tay (Raiko)
NHSB 2721984
Nippo H 21-9914
Honjou No Beniaoi Go Bingo Kashimasou
NIPPO 14-17506
Imõto No Matsuri Go Narmenak (Imõto)
NHSB 2498456
NIPPO H17-33160
Mara-Shimas Miki Musou (MIKI)
NHSB: 2784892
Mara-Shimas Ichi Kana Yuushi (KATAI)
Mara-Shimas Stand Up And Shout (NAMI)
NHSB: 2707425
Mira Go Bingo Kamishimasou (Bella)
NHSB 2868574
Honjou No Katsuramaru Go Bingo Kamishimasou
NIPPO H22-13316
Honjou No Rikimaru Go Bingo Kamishimasou
NIPPO H18-34152
Aoi No Suzukatsurahime Go Okayama Okamotosou
NIPPO 15-21500
Hisamatsu No Hikarihime Go Bingo Kamishimasou
NIPPO H21-18666
Honjou No Rikimaru Go Bingo Kamishimasou
NIPPO H18-34152
Hana Go Okuizumo Daitou
NIPPO 13-20405

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