Ai-Akahime Hi Ga Noboru (Thessa)
FI43859/16, BEK-138812 Female

  • Owner: Merete Godt , Helle Röschard
  • From Greece
  • Lives in Finland
  • Born: 2014-12-20
  • Color: Red
  • HD: B
  • ED: No complaints
  • Patella: Normal
  • Teeth status: Fulltandad
  • Withers height: 40.0 cm
We-Sedso Wakajishi
Kobushi Swords Of The Samurai (Daisho)
Justa Massimiliano (Massi)
Cedarcrest's Rise Of The Phoenix
NM 11147802
Stämmlocks Geisha (Geisha)
Stämmlocks Atarashii Honto (Tenno)
Homare No Kochou Go Takahirasou (Hana)
NIPPO H17-17201
Justa Fiamma Rossa (Fia)
Kairi Go Ryukyu Uruma
AKC NP 39857/01
Manri Go Ryuukyuu Uruma
JKC JS08848/02-0
Satsuki Go Ryuukyuu Uruma
JKC JS-07120/01-0
Justa Country Girl
Prescott J Justa Red Hot
AKC NM56291403
Justa Scarlet Harlot
AKC NM59966602

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