Kohana Go You Djenima
RKF2611581 Female

Gengou Go Shun’you Kensha
Hitorq's Simply Extravagant
NHSB 2612341
San Jo Nikko Time
AKC NP74116/01
San Jo In Living Color
AKC NP55148/03
Kaori-Go Shun'you Kensha
Hi-Jinx Mmm Mmm Good (Cam, Campbell)
AKC NM906696/01
Nagasaki De Urbinako
Aso No Akiho Go Takayuusou
UKU 0020894
Aso No Ryuuou Go Takayuusou
Tsukasa No Ryuuou Go Sunanuma Tsukasasou
NIPPO 10-14288
Takayuu No Satsuki Go Takayuusou
NIPPO 15-15346
Wakanami No Kurome Go Wakanamisou
NIPPO 12-13053
Beninishiki Go Aki Fujikawasou
NIPPO 10-20259
Ooi No Chiharu Go Chikuzen Ooisou
NIPPO 7-22632


1 children, 1 grandchildren, 3 grandgrandchildren

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