Asa No Wakakuro Go Av Enerhaugen
NO50739/17 Male

  • Born: 2017-07-29
  • Color: Black and Tan
Hi-Jinx Shoei Black Diamond
AKC NP38480602
Hi-Jinx Black Tie Affair
AKC NP31167801
Hi-Jinx Black Robe
AKC NP25746401
Hi-Jinx Henna
AKC NP08080101
Hi-Jinx Horizon Black Zinfandel
AKC NP31890904
Kairi Go Ryukyu Uruma
AKC NP 39857/01
Hi-Jinx Black Denim
Asa No Mitzakura Go Av Enerhaugen
Nichibei No Otaka Go Kinmonsou (Otaka)
AKC NP32258204
Nichibei No Kokuho Go Kinmonsou
AKC NP27153601
Hanabi No Akihime Go Nichibeisou
AKC NP21904305
Asa No Kuro Suzuka Go Av Enerhaugen (Suki)
Aso No Ryuuou Go Takayuusou
Aso No Kana Go Takayuusou (Akiko)

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