Champion ČMKU, CZ, SK,Champion Shiba Club CZ, J.CH. CZ, club J.CH, Club Winner, Winner Slovakia 2019
Daisy Polarisnoche (DAISY)
CMKU/SI/2382/-17/16/17 Female

Kennel z Volenskeho dvora (
Mara-Shimas Hachiku No
NHSB 2944556
Jaklho Keep A Dream In Your Pocket (Keeper)
NHSB 2809795
We-Sedso Go Nippo (Nippo)
DCNH/VDH SI 01171/07
Jaklho Future Road To Avalon (Avalon)
NHSB 2564527
Mara-Shimas Miki Musou (MIKI)
NHSB: 2784892
Mara-Shimas Ichi Kana Yuushi (KATAI)
Mara-Shimas Stand Up And Shout (NAMI)
NHSB: 2707425
Handzimemesite Hogarakana Seikaku
RKF 3420334
Copperdots Fuku No Kami No Handziem
Kyouryuuou Go Noto Heiswian
AKC NP12410001
Copperdots California Dreamin
AKC NP18435801
Handziememesite Chizato
Juhou Go Kuwana Mitomosou
Copperdots Shinko
NHSB 2734868

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