Kichiko's Quite Arai Yamahime (Tia)
NO54500/18 Female

Tetsuya Go Koshiwasou (Tetsu)
JS-12240/15-0 / NIPPO H27-11849
Koshiwa No Kouki Go Koshiwasou
NIPPO H22-14578
Kouki Go Sanuki Mizunotosou
NIPPO H20-18387
Masachiyohime Go Echigo Tanabesou
NIPPO H21-18826
Koshiwa No Hana Go Koshiwasou
NIPPO H22-10875
Takechiyo Go Sanuki Mizumotosou
NIPPO 15-2552
Suzuhaname Go Fuji Hachimansou
NIPPO H21-18852
Koshiwa No Mayo Go Koshiwasou (Mayo)
Kurohibiki Go Fuji Hachimansou
NIPPO H23-30718
Chiyokouryuu Go Sanuki Mizumotosou
Kikuyo Go Fuji Hachimansou
Koshiwa No Masayo Go Koshiwasou
Kurohibiki Go Fuji Hachimansou
NIPPO H23-30718
Masako Go Fuji Hachimansou

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