Shippou No Naohime Go Kagawa Shippo (Koume)
NIPPO 14-14035 Female

Naotetsu Go Shikoku Tsutsuisou
NIPPO 13-16988
Toyotetsu Go Hizansou
NIPPO 9-20402
Toyonishiki Go Toyohashi Onoda
NIPPO 2-34915
Chisato Go Hizansow
NIPPO 8-32573
Tetsu No Naoko Go Shikoku Tsutsuiso
NIPPO 11-18084
Tetsuou Go Fudougataki Kensha
NIPPO 7-25444
Tora No Senhime Go Shikoku Tsutsuis
NIPPO 8-32624
Tamana No Yuuhime Go Shikoku Tsatsu
NIPPO 10-17592
Tamana No Oujin Go Kokubu Hisahides
NIPPO 8-34852
Koujin Go Kyouto Daigo Kensha
NIPPO 4-22275
Tamana No Sakura Go Kokubu Hisahide
NIPPO 6-4152
Hamayuume Go Shikoku Tsutsuisou
NIPPO 5-30966
Hamayuuou Go Fudougataki Kensha
NIPPO 4-6371
Tetsuhime Go Shouwasou
NIPPO 63-14476


14 children, 50 grandchildren, 110 grandgrandchildren

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