INT & FIN & DE & LUX & AT & PT & PL CH, WW-06 EUJW-03 BDSG 04-06 PL&PZW-06, FiVW-12
We-Sedso Zen Kessaku (Zunny)
FIN49888/08, VDHDCNHSI710/02 Male

Gas Hollow Zen Satori Sunset
Shouryuu Go Ryuukyuu Uruma
AKC NM895672/01
Gyokuryuu Go Ryuukyu Uruma
AKC NM77925901
Tomi No Chaka Ryukyuu Uruma
NIPPO 11-5990
Zen Satori Gas Hollow's Lark
AKC NM847801/03
Yujiro Go Ryuyu Bikensow
AKC NM55466201
Kasumi Go White House Kayo JP
AKC NM80409201
We-Sedso Pretty Woman
Zen Satori's Kuromatsu Go
AKC SBNM847803/01
Genshiro Go Gold Typhoon
AKC NM611805/01
Tenpohime Go Kyoudaisow
AKC NM840390/01
We-Sedso Unique
Mara-Shimas Tyfoon (Tammy)
We-Sedso L'rebbie (Rebbie)


8 children, 33 grandchildren, 124 grandgrandchildren

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