Daimaru Go Echizen Kishuusou (Dimalouke)
NIPPO 15-24117, NHSB2523700 Male

  • Breeder: Shuji Yamamoto Fukuishi
  • Owner: Myriam W
  • Lived in Berlaar, Belgium
  • Lifetime: 2003-08-07 - 2015-06-29
  • Color: Red
  • HD: A/ua
  • ED: No complaints
  • Patella: Normal
  • Teeth status: compleet scissorbite
  • Eyes: free of diseasis
  • Withers height: 39.5 cm
  • Also see users.telenet.be/...eveld
Caracter test certificated - DNA certificated - Belgium Junior winner 2004 - Therapy dog - Nippo registered Dimalouke came in our life at the age of almost 5 years with lots of thanks to Ms. Broekhuizen, were he lived before. He's the most sweet dog I've ever met! At the age of 9 months He came over from Japan to the Netherlands. He's sweet, loyal and a big player!!! He have lot's of very handsome offsprings. The most important item he give to his offsprings is de beautifull red color on his cote. on june 29,2015 he died on a braine stroke, it went fast, we miss him everyday very much. We love you Dimalouke and we have big remembers of you!!
Mitsusuzu Go Suzuwasou
NIPPO 8-33750
Yuushin Go Aichi Ooiwa
NIPPO 5-6773
Ishimatsu Go Aichi Ooiwa
NIPPO 63-25548
Takame Go Aichi Ooiwa
NIPPO 3-21137
Ryuuko Go Nikousou
Kouryuu Go Hayakawa Kiryuusou
NIPPO 5-33566
Oryuu Go Nikousou
NIPPO 4-21007
Ooshima No Hideka Go Akitsushimasou
NIPPO 13-23467
Dai Go Owari Jousaien
NIPPO 12-14396
Shinano Zemmaru Go Shinano Fujisou
NIPPO 3-38636
Benigiku Go Kyouto Nakagawasou
NIPPO 10-20691
Akitsu No Rina Go Akitsushimasou
NIPPO 9-5008
Kikumaru Go Heijoukyou
NIPPO 7-27356
Akitsu No Benihime Go Akitsushimasou
NIPPO 6-9538


13 children, 35 grandchildren, 41 grandgrandchildren

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