Rollick's Bright Eyes (Tiuku)
S64917/2008, ER16142/09 Female

  • Breeder: Rollick's
  • Owner: Sini Suutari
  • From Nyköping, Sweden
  • Lives in Finland
  • Born: 2008-09-22
  • Color: Red
  • HD: B
  • ED: No complaints
  • Patella: Normal
  • Teeth status: OK
  • Eyes: Clear
  • Withers height: 36.0 cm
  • Also see
Tiuku is the first Shiba in Finland competing agility class 2. We started competing on July 2012, and she already has one ticket towards class 3.
Kazakoshi No Suzuteru Go Yokohama Atsumi
NIPPO H17-4670
Suzuteru Go Kurashiki Koukisou
NIPPO 14-23862
Suzuharu Go Bizen Souyamasou
NIPPO 7-21013
Benisuzume Go Okayama Aochisou
NIPPO 13-26844
Kuroyuume Go Yokohama Atsumi
NIPPO 10-21566
Sasa No Kuroichi Go Sasashita Kensh
NIPPO 8-31518
Yuukihime Go Toukyou Akatsukisow
NIPPO 57-25228
Explorer's Lurime
Haguro No Beniwaka Go Chuuou Haguro
Suzuwaka Go Takahirosou
Marume Go Kifunesou
Glendalin Hime Ov Sueden
Tetsuo Go Hokusetsu Daihachiso
Glendalin Kyoto


6 children, 0 grandchildren, 0 grandgrandchildren

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