Hi-Jinx Mmm Mmm Good (Cam, Campbell)
AKC NM906696/01, VDHSI00707/02, DCNHSI00707/02 Male

Kori Bushi Of Kitsunebiso (Kori)
AKC NM522847/01
Heki No Ken Of Daini Hekihoso
AKC NM338190/01
Tekka No Gen Go Sanuki Mitzumotosow
NIPPO 61-39264
Daruma No Kohime Of Iwakuni
NIPPO 1-6993
Azusakikuhime Of Matsunaga Ono Kensha
AKC NM435438/01
Rikimaru Of Sanuki Mizumotoso
JKC JS-E2920/921D
Azusaichihime Of Sanuki Mizumotoso
Tetsuhime Go Nantaisow (Tama)
AKC NM867372/01
Tekka No Ryuu Go Nantaisow
NIPPO 4-28454
Senryuu Go Sanuki Mizumotosou
NIPPO 22-2995
Kurokomame Go Nantaisow
NIPPO 22-3773
Aohime Go Bizen Chourakusow
NIPPO 10-27764
Aoinishiki Go Sanuki Mizumotosou
NIPPO 7-24151
Tokime Go Bizen Chourakusow
NIPPO 51-8209


21 children, 31 grandchildren, 85 grandgrandchildren

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