Stämmlocks Anzu Go Enerhaugen (Anzu)
S41466/2002 Female

Seiryu Go Niigata Kiyosatosow (Sumo)
NHSB 2125546; NIPPO 9-27860
Koshi No Koryu Go Niigata Korakusow
NIPPO 7-26211
Koryu Go Shimakazesow
NIPPO 4-10150
Maihime Go Niigata Korakusow
NIPPO 4-35509
Mamihime Go Shinoyama Kensha
NIPPO 7-12579
Bansei Go Matsumoto Wakamarusow
Erihime Go Niigata Kiyosatosow
NIPPO 2-26269
Umai Av Enerhaugen (Umai)
Dragon House Sun Tan (Tanner)
Genta Go Gold Typhoon (Cutter)
AKC SBNM579343
Dragon House Set Me On Fire (Kirra)
AKC SBNM579620
Fujihime Av Enerhaugen (Anzu)
Manlötens Haikara
Ichigo-Keki (Keki)


4 children, 0 grandchildren, 0 grandgrandchildren

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