Aso No Ryuuou Go Takayuusou
NHSB2601525, JKCJS-10801/05-0 Male

Tsukasa No Ryuuou Go Sunanuma Tsukasasou
NIPPO 10-14288
Kokuryuu Go Deruogawa
NIPPO 7-972

Kuon No Tamao Go Kuonsou
NIPPO 9-23681

Takayuu No Satsuki Go Takayuusou
NIPPO 15-15346
Wakanami No Kokuryuu Go Wakanamisou
NIPPO 12-13052

Takayuu No Suzuka Go Takayuusou
NIPPO 14-14816
Benkei Go Meinansou
NIPPO 13-18727
Kosuzuhime Go Sapporo Kagesou
NIPPO 13-28057


14 children, 65 grandchildren, 120 grandgrandchildren

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