Painted In Black And Tan Go Narmenak
NHSB2497328 Female

Zen Satori's Kuromatsu Go
AKC SBNM847803/01
Genshiro Go Gold Typhoon
AKC NM611805/01
Ryugenmaru Of Nidai Maneiso
NIPPO 19-523
Hamahime Go Ryuukyuu Uruma
NIPPO 7-13079
Tenpohime Go Kyoudaisow
AKC NM840390/01
Tenko Go Kyoudaisow
NIPPO 5-13496
Miyamae No Terumi Go Miyamae Shimizu
NIPPO 6-28852
Hi-Jinx Dressed In Black
AKC SBNM895116/02
Umewaka No Shouki Go Izu Umesow
AKC SNM883283/01
Umewaka No Youen Go Izu Umesow
NIPPO 10-24253
Umewaka No Natsu Go Machida Ikedasow
NIPPO 9-26299
Hi-Jinx Black Mascara
AKC NM76145801
Hi-Jinx Black N Dekker
AKC NM66726701
Hi-Jinx Midnight Kiss
AKC NM54618201


1 children, 2 grandchildren, 26 grandgrandchildren

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