Mitsumaru Go Tosawakasou
ER46019/02 Male

  • From Finland
  • Lives in Finland
  • Born: 2003-08-13
Koutarou Go Hitachi Shuuwasou
NIPPO 9-10595
Suzumaru Go Tottori Ishiisou
Benihide Go Suisei Kitajimasou
NIPPO 61-47249
Fukuhime Go Inaba Sansuisou
NIPPO 61-28741
Ina No Kotobuki Go Hitachishuuwasou
NIPPO 8-14473
Ina No Suzumaru Go Hitachishuuwasou
NIPPO 6-14716
Ina No Kochou Go Hitachi Shuuwasou
NIPPO 1-25556
Tosa No Kaori Go Tosawakasou
NIPPO 8-20314
Tosa No Wakamaru Go Tosawakasou
NIPPO 4-24617
Hamaryuu Go Choushinsou
NIPPO 3-8587
Kotobenihime Go Matsunaga Onokensha
NIPPO 59-67644
Mariya Go Shimoshizusou
NIPPO 7-2356
Terushishi Go Sanuki Mizumotosou
NIPPO 4-1578
Michi Go Shimoshizusou
NIPPO 5-33495


9 children, 19 grandchildren, 32 grandgrandchildren

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