Zen Satori's Kuromatsu Go
AKC SBNM847803/01, DK11283/2000 Male

  • Owner: Jytte Röschke
  • From United States of America
  • Lives in Germany
  • Born: 1999-06-21
  • Color: Black and Tan
  • HD: B
  • Patella: Normal
  • Teeth status: fuldt
  • Eyes: ok
Genshiro Go Gold Typhoon
AKC NM611805/01
Ryugenmaru Of Nidai Maneiso
NIPPO 19-523
Toka No Genta Go Daini Morimotoso
NIPPO 59-28952
Hamakocho Go Nikosow
NIPPO 60-27481
Hamahime Go Ryuukyuu Uruma
NIPPO 7-13079
Kurotetsu Of Izumisow
NIPPO 57-2821
Hamahime Go Nidai Maneisow
NIPPO 58-46091
Tenpohime Go Kyoudaisow
AKC NM840390/01
Tenko Go Kyoudaisow
NIPPO 5-13496
Juten Go Seijou Mochizukisow
NIPPO 4-10392
Jabubi Go Shibuya Kajikawasow
NIPPO 62-934
Miyamae No Terumi Go Miyamae Shimizu
NIPPO 6-28852
Komahishi Go Shonan Yasuda
NIPPO 2-42137
Miyamae No Nana Go Miyamae Shimizu
NIPPO 63-3621


14 children, 69 grandchildren, 116 grandgrandchildren

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