Okina Go Ichiokasow Av Enerhaugen (Akido)
DK21551/2009, N00173/07 Male

We-Sedso Unryu (Ryu)
Yamatochoushuu Go Fuji No Numayamasou (Yamato)
Fuji No Touryuu Go Fuji No Koyamasou
NIPPO 9-5266
Takahanahime Go Tsugaru Kuwatasou
NIPPO 12-30030
Fukume Go Enshuu Hirosesou (Mimi)
NIPPO 14-11004
Koshinogen Go Echigo Suwasou
NIPPO 7-10541
Hirose No Fukume Go Enshuu Hirosesou
NIPPO 9-2246
Shippou No Naohime Go Kagawa Shippo (Koume)
NIPPO 14-14035
Naotetsu Go Shikoku Tsutsuisou
NIPPO 13-16988
Toyotetsu Go Hizansou
NIPPO 9-20402
Tetsu No Naoko Go Shikoku Tsutsuiso
NIPPO 11-18084
Tamana No Yuuhime Go Shikoku Tsatsu
NIPPO 10-17592
Tamana No Oujin Go Kokubu Hisahides
NIPPO 8-34852
Hamayuume Go Shikoku Tsutsuisou
NIPPO 5-30966

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