Honto-No Hanakuro (Shego)
S28651/2009 Female

  • Breeder: Helene Nordwall , Honto-No
  • Owner: Mona Urbig
  • From Sweden
  • Lives in Köping, Sweden
  • Born: 2009-03-11
  • Color: Black and Tan
  • HD: B
  • ED: No complaints
  • Teeth status: Fulltandad
BEST IN SHOW - valp på sin allra första utställning! Bästa Black and Tan på Japanspecialen i Norge, 2010!
Sakura No Taizan Go Sakura Daimonsow (Taizan)
NIPPO 14-22787
Kita No Shou Go Enshuu Hirosesou
NIPPO 13-20647
Sakura No Kurogozen Go Sakura Daimonsou
NIPPO 6-25903
Benifukume Go Hirokatsuen
NIPPO 8-31432
Sakuranotsuu Go Sakura Daimonsou
NIPPO 10-17434
Tatsuryuu Go Sakura Daimonsou
NIPPO 9-17647
Fukumi Go Sakura Daimonsou
NIPPO 8-13217
Dragon House It's Chili Time (Chili)
Ishiyama Firestorm
AKC NM88149601
Ishiyama Fuji Fire
AKC NM69215901
Kantu Apacchi Fire Fox
AKC NM45760302
Dragon House Sho No Mercy
AKC NM84088901
Sho Go Gold Typhoon
AKC NM683030/01
Saijoto's Fujin Iki
AKC NM83882801


11 children, 9 grandchildren, 0 grandgrandchildren

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