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Jusei No Takayuu Av Enerhaugen (Inari)
NO36223/09 Female

  • Breeder: Christen Lang , Enerhaugen
  • Owner: Marjo Puranen
  • From Bergen, Norway
  • Lives in Finland
  • Born: 2009-02-08
  • Color: Red
  • HD: B
  • ED: No complaints
  • Patella: Normal
  • Teeth status: Normal
  • Eyes: Clear
  • Withers height: 38.5 cm
Hachiman Go Ryuukyuu Uruma (Hachi)
Banri Go Ryuukyuu Uruma
Banshou Go Ryuukyuu Uruma (Banshou)
Ikumatsu No Kamihime Go Ikumatsudai
Meme Go Higo Ebisu
Tenjishi Go Higo Ebisu
NIPPO 10-28668
Mei Go Higo Ebisu
NIPPO 12-4337
Aso No Kiyoka Go Takayuusou (Kiyoka)
Aso No Takamitsu Go Takayuusou
NIPPO 16-26492
Takayuu No Benimaru Go Takayuusou
NIPPO 14-26978
Satama No Maihime Go Yanagia
NIPPO 13-13925
Katsufusame Go Suzuki Kensha
NIPPO 13-1158
Sachi No Toyofusa Go Sachi No Tetsu
NIPPO 10-3904
ShiratoriNo Katsume Go Shinshuu Sh
NIPPO 11-10735

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