We-Sedso Etsu Benizakura
DK02934/2004 Female

Hi-Jinx Mmm Mmm Good (Cam, Campbell)
AKC NM906696/01
Kori Bushi Of Kitsunebiso (Kori)
AKC NM522847/01
Heki No Ken Of Daini Hekihoso
AKC NM338190/01
Azusakikuhime Of Matsunaga Ono Kensha
AKC NM435438/01
Tetsuhime Go Nantaisow (Tama)
AKC NM867372/01
Tekka No Ryuu Go Nantaisow
NIPPO 4-28454
Aohime Go Bizen Chourakusow
NIPPO 10-27764
We-Sedso Lalahime (Lillepige)
Mejsen's Ai-Suzuki (Sukki)
Kaissas Aka Kurai Of Bonsai
We-Sedso Doikichi
Dominaki Von Gorky-Park
DCNH SI00443/00
Geifang Pickles
KC T3432704T03
Wynroshen Toya
KC T3023503T02

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