Czech Jakobin Joko
PKR.V-7956 Female

Rippa-Na Tobimasu (Tobi)
AKC NM782710/01
Toyojiro Of Nidaimanei Sow (Toki)
AKC SBNM338393
Hamajiro Of Toyohama Wnryu Sow
Haruhidejo Of Nidaimanei Sow
Kurohana Of Ryukyu Wruma
AKC NM338397/01
Kurotetsu Of Izumisow
NIPPO 57-2821
Nishikihana Of Ryukyu Wruma
Ranchlake California Promise
AKC NM774653/01
Trile K Raven Of Ranchlake
AKC NM577807/03
Jacquet Jp's Baron Cd
AKC NM334901/03
Kurohana Of Ryukyu Wruma
AKC NM338397/01
Mokelumne Xochi Of Ranchlake
AKC NM452977/05
Shinshu Chibisuke Of Shinshu Ueda Tengusow
AKC NM336899/01
Langans Brushwood Kiku-Hana
AKC NM335027/02


6 children, 7 grandchildren, 13 grandgrandchildren

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