Dragon House Set Me On Fire (Kirra)
AKC SBNM579620 Female

  • Breeder: Dragon House
  • From United States of America
  • Lives in United States of America
Tanasea's Toyonaka Sama (Sama)
AKC SBNM337118
Daichi Of Toyonaka Okamotosow (Happy)
AKC SBNM335197
Kitomatsu Of Kitatanakasow
NIPPO 57-76757
Hanakoma Of Osakakire
NIPPO 58-26717
Kinouk's Dirty Dancer
AKC NM335043/01

Kantu's Can Do It Too Ya
AKC SBNM457603
Top Gun Of Satorisow
AKC SBNM336753
Joh Of Awa Azumasow
AKC SBNM337892
Akanehime Of Satorisow
JKC JS-07866/84
Kinouk's Carbon Copy
AKC SBNM335546
Daichi Of Toyonaka Okamotosow (Happy)
AKC SBNM335197
Gento's Dealers Choice
AKC SBNM334646


2 children, 36 grandchildren, 69 grandgrandchildren

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