Multi Ch.
Ai We Sed So Faumous Flyer (Mimi)
VDH 09/175 0018 Female

We-Sedso Go Nippo (Nippo)
DCNH/VDH SI 01171/07
We-Sedso Sukiyaki
DCNH-SI 00966/05
We-Sedso Zen Kessaku (Zunny)
We-Sedso Unique
Fukume Go Enshuu Hirosesou (Mimi)
NIPPO 14-11004
Koshinogen Go Echigo Suwasou
NIPPO 7-10541
Hirose No Fukume Go Enshuu Hirosesou
NIPPO 9-2246
Mikan Go Owari Sagousou
VDH/DCNH 01252/07
Hidenishiki Go Kaigensou
NIPPO 12-8861
Nidai Toyonishiki Go Gifu Oogurosou
NIPPO 11-1212
Masamhime Go Owari Sagousou
NIPPO 10-10700
Toyotetsuhime Go Owari Sagousou
NIPPO 17-26680
Toyotetsu Go Hizansou
NIPPO 9-20402
Toyobenhime Go Meihakusou
NIPPO 16-34767


3 children, 5 grandchildren, 7 grandgrandchildren

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