Shakori Evening Blessing (Ebby)
NP04162402 Female

  • Breeder: Gladys Mueller , Shakori
  • Owner: Carla Ross
  • Lives in 3779 Townsend Dr, Dallas,Texas, United States of America
  • Born: 2003-10-02
  • Color: Black and Tan
Hi-Jinx Pimiento (Runner)
AKC NM77004502
Kori Bushi Of Kitsunebiso (Kori)
AKC NM522847/01
Heki No Ken Of Daini Hekihoso
AKC NM338190/01
Azusakikuhime Of Matsunaga Ono Kensha
AKC NM435438/01
Hi-Jinx Black Olive
AKC NM59494101
Desert Shiba's Kuroichi
Foxtrot High Lites (Suzu)
AKC NM33594105
Hi-Jinx Black Nightshade (Shady)
Hi-Jinx Black N Dekker
AKC NM66726701
Sasuke Of Paladin
AKC NM51477103
Foxtrot High Lites (Suzu)
AKC NM33594105
Hi-Jinx Midnight Kiss
AKC NM54618201
Hansha Power Pack (Tyson)
AKC NM33582202
Avon Suma Cumlade Kent Go
AKC NM33601801


2 children, 1 grandchildren, 4 grandgrandchildren

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