Fallscreek's Akira Bi
CMKU/SI/1365/09/06/09 Male

  • HD: A/ua
  • Patella: Normal
  • Withers height: 40.0 cm
Ginsei No Kenshi Go Ginseisou
AKC NP6370301
Yamato No Hana Go Ginseisou
JKC 14-11789
Benitaka Go Kuroda Kensha
Ichihime Go Sakaiya Oharaan
NIPPO 9-36663
Haruka Go Ginseisou
JKC 13-1177

Sumiyoshi No Hana Go Kazuyoshi Kansha
NIPPO 2-41102
Fallscreek's Dark Angel
AKC NM91992801
Windcastle's Bnt Riverview Guy
AKC NM65337202
Hi-Jinx Black Smith
AKC NM56858202
Blue Loon Windcastle's Classic
AKC NM 57734202
Ocean's Blk Gem Of Fallscreek
NM 859908/05
AKC NM85990805
Oceans Simon Says
AKC NM76850401
Steelcrest's Ocean Dynasty
AKC NM65318203


6 children, 1 grandchildren, 0 grandgrandchildren

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