Handzimemesite Geisha Sayuri
RKF 2094543 Female

  • Breeder: Handzimemasite
  • From Russian Federation
  • Lives in Russian Federation
  • Born: 2007-08-26
  • Color: Red
Tenkuu No Tetsu Go Yokohama Atsumi
Tetsuarashi Go Honjou Arkisow
NIPPO 9-35098
Ichitetsu Go Honjou Arkisow
NIPPO 5-8472
Fumie Go Honjou Arakisow
NIPPO 5-490
Kuroyuume Go Yokohama Atsumi
NIPPO 10-21566
Sasa No Kuroichi Go Sasashita Kensh
NIPPO 8-31518
Yuukihime Go Toukyou Akatsukisow
NIPPO 57-25228
Vormund I'm Biba
Vormund Kiwi Kid
Glendalin Tetsuo Ni
NZKC 1477748
Wolfworx Fancy Free At Vormund
KCR AA0900697
Vormund Gucci
Nakayu Go Kazusa Nakanosow
Sapporo Holly Hobbie By Vormund

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