Belgium Winner '11, Int and Dutch champion
Lanakila Go Hauoli Shiba (Nori)
NP26984601 Male

  • Breeder: Yumi Hagiwara , Go Hauoli Shiba
  • Owner: Joyce Nijmeijer
  • From United States of America
  • Lives in Sliedrecht, Netherlands
  • Born: 2010-09-10
  • Color: Red
  • HD: A/ua
  • Patella: Grade 1
  • Eyes: free
  • Withers height: 40.0 cm
Kurokoma Go Fuji Hachimansou
Takechiyo Go Sanuki Mizumotosou
NIPPO 15-2552
Chiyomaru Go Sanuki Mizumotosou
NIPPO 12-19754
Tomoehime Go Sanuki Mizumotosou
NIPPO 8-7557
Harukahime Go Sanuki Mizumotosou
NIPPO 13-17673
Shishimaru Go Sanuki Mizumotosou
NIPPO 4-35974
Haruna Go Sanuki Mizumotosou
NIPPO 6-15864
Kukuna Go Hauoli Shiba
Hoku Go Maroon Shiba
Ichikaze Go Yasushi Kensha
NIPPO 10-21988
Ichigurano Miwabi Go Maroon Shiba
NIPPO 12-23332
Sakura Go Soushuu Choumonsou
Choutenbou Go Sagami Ayasesou
NIPPO 10-19320
Mika Go Minoubayashisou
NIPPO 7-1996


3 children, 0 grandchildren, 0 grandgrandchildren

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