Shinshuu Masaichi Go Tokura Ichikawa Kensha (Otto)
JKCJS00465/11-0, NIPPO H22-21292 Male

Masaya Go Fuji Hachimansou
NIPPO H20-9959
Ryuuhou Go Sanuki Mizumotosou
NIPPO H18-623
Houga Go Sanuki Mizumotosou
NIPPO 12-7462
Yoshino Go Sanuki Mizumotosou
NIPPO 15-3820
Chiyono Go Fuji Hachimansou
Takechiyo Go Sanuki Mizumotosou
NIPPO 15-2552
Shino Go Sanuki Mizumotosou
NIPPO 11-18357
Momoka Go Tokura Ichikawa Kensha
NIPPO H21-27162
Suzuichi Go Kagiyasou
NIPPO 15-20614
Tetsuichi Go Noto Heiseian
NIPPO 14-5069
Suzuhana Go Yokohama Sakakisou
NIPPO 12-14805
Chikuma No Kiyome Go Tokura Ichikawa Kensha
NIPPO H19-32
Sanada Tenkou Go Tokura Ichikawa Kensha
NIPPO H18-10352
Hideka Go Tokura Ichikawa Kensha
NIPPO 11-21895


19 children, 10 grandchildren, 0 grandgrandchildren

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Kerselereveld (7 years, 3 months ago):
very beautifull dog!!!

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