Honto-no Matsukuro (Jameson)
SE17053/2011 Male

Takafuji Kuromaru Go Kagiyasou (FUJI)
NIPPO H21-27587
Takafujimaru Go Kagiyasou
NIPPO H19-15205
Joufuji Go Koushuu Norose
NIPPO 14-15657
Takasakurahime Go Kagiyasou
NIPPO H18-22320
Kaitensakurahime Go Kagiyasou
NIPPO H17-5520
Kaiten Go Koushuu Kiriminesou
NIPPO 13-2736
Sakurahime Go Kagiyasou
NIPPO 11-8867
Honto-No Hanakuro (Shego)
Sakura No Taizan Go Sakura Daimonsow (Taizan)
NIPPO 14-22787
Kita No Shou Go Enshuu Hirosesou
NIPPO 13-20647
Sakuranotsuu Go Sakura Daimonsou
NIPPO 10-17434
Dragon House It's Chili Time (Chili)
Ishiyama Firestorm
AKC NM88149601
Dragon House Sho No Mercy
AKC NM84088901

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