Akainu's Nippo
DK07983/2011 Male

  • Breeder: Akainu's
  • Born: 2011-04-22
  • Color: Red
Raiden Of The Willow Tay (Raiko)
NHSB 2721984
Nippo H 21-9914
Honjou No Beniaoi Go Bingo Kashimasou
NIPPO 14-17506
Honjou No Aoiryuu Go Kashimasou
NIPPO 13-21302
Misozuhime Go Okayama Aojisou
NIPPO 13-01879
Imõto No Matsuri Go Narmenak (Imõto)
NHSB 2498456
NIPPO H17-33160
Seiryu Go Niigata Kiyosatosow (Sumo)
NHSB 2125546; NIPPO 9-27860
Toyokomachi Go Niigata Kourakusow
NHSB 2175632
NIPPO 10-15606
Akainu's Honey Rose
Hi-Jinx Mighty Oak
Hi-Jinx Chipshot (Chip)
AKC NM93777201
Hi-Jinx Twig (Twig)
AKC NM67147101
Akainu's Emily
Jaklho Sire Seiryu's Son (Lucky)
NHSB 2425757
Kalinin's Miss Tifany

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