BISS DK Ch. Int.Ch.Dt.Klub Ch., DK Klub Ch. Dt.jg.Ch.Dt.jg Ch.VDH DKV14,Norsk Vinder 14, Norsk Ch
Setsuzan Divinita Lunare (Diva)
NP30068802 Female

Kurokoma Go Fuji Hachimansou
Takechiyo Go Sanuki Mizumotosou
NIPPO 15-2552
Chiyomaru Go Sanuki Mizumotosou
NIPPO 12-19754
Tomoehime Go Sanuki Mizumotosou
NIPPO 8-7557
Harukahime Go Sanuki Mizumotosou
NIPPO 13-17673
Shishimaru Go Sanuki Mizumotosou
NIPPO 4-35974
Haruna Go Sanuki Mizumotosou
NIPPO 6-15864
Blackcrest's Kairi Gold
Kairi Go Ryukyu Uruma
AKC NP 39857/01
Manri Go Ryuukyuu Uruma
JKC JS08848/02-0
Satsuki Go Ryuukyuu Uruma
JKC JS-07120/01-0
Akizakurahime Go Etchuu Wakasugisou
Tenkuumaru Go Etchuu Wakasugisou
NIPPO 12-24520


3 children, 1 grandchildren, 0 grandgrandchildren

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