Honto-No Shoda
SE42981/2012 Male

Kurokaidou Go Bingo Kamishimasou (Kuro Chan)
NIPPO 19-3507
Kurotemmaru Go Bingo Kamishimasou
NIPPO 17-18188
Kurotenjin Go Furukanesou
NIPPO 14-27274
Wakaume Go Bingo Kamishimasou
NIPPO 12-5855
Kuroyuri Go Bingo Kamishimasou
NIPPO 14-11369
Kibi No Aoiryuu Go Kibi Kokurasou
NIPPO 10-26640
Yurihime Go Kokubu Murakamisou
NIPPO 8-9020
Honto-No Chika
Honto-No Raigozu (Gozu)
Stämmlocks Atarashii Honto (Tenno)
Honto-No Zen-ya
Dragon House It's Chili Time (Chili)
Ishiyama Firestorm
AKC NM88149601
Dragon House Sho No Mercy
AKC NM84088901


15 children, 0 grandchildren, 0 grandgrandchildren

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