Rollick's Lady Jane
SE18925/2013 Female

  • Breeder: Rollick's
  • Born: 2013-02-22
  • Color: Red
Explorer's Z Shinsi No Memboku
Kazakoshi No Oujin Go Yokohama Atsumi (Oujin)
Kazakoshi No Sakuraou Go Yokohama Atsumi
NIPPO 18-28566
Hana No Mai Go Fuji Yahatasou
NIPPO 12-21322
Explorer's Q-Hime
Tenkuu No Tetsu Go Yokohama Atsumi
Explorer's Lurime
Kazakoshi No Komachi Go Yokohama Atsumi
Fuku No Wakaichirou Go Oyama Watanabesou
NIPPO H19-27841
Fuku No Daijirou Go Maruishisou
NIPPO 16-23995
Tajima No Wakihime Go Aizu Tajimasou
NIPPO H17-21001
Kazakoshi No Sakurahime Go Yokohama Atsumi
NIPPO H21-29505
Suzu No Tasuke Go Hasebesou
NIPPO H19-27948
Kazakoshi No Ouka Go Yokohama Atsumi
NIPPO 17-4668

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