Chikusei No Nishikimaru Go Ishino Makimina Tokensha
NP20090402 Male

Aikyou No Nishikiou Go Aikyousou
NIPPO 15-32211
Daiunryuu Go Kenrakusha
NIPPO 14-14474
Daikokuryuu Go Gifu Daikokusou
NIPPO 13-10779
Daikoku No Fukuhime Go Gifu Daikokusou
NIPPO 13-17191
Tsukuba Mitsuhime Go Tsukuba Saitou
NIPPO 13-3589
Ryuuou Go Nikousou
NIPPO 10-16896
Ayanohime Go Tsukuba Saitou
NIPPO 11-21938
Chikusei No Kunime Go Chikusei Kazesou
NIPPO 16-15764
Kokuhou Go Shounan Wakousou
NIPPO 8-21184
Toyonishiki Go Toyohashi Onoda
NIPPO 2-34915
Haruka No Haname Go Oourasou
NIPPO 6-11562
Chikusei No Wakame Go Chikusei Kazesou
NIPPO 13-9835
Wakaaoi Go Kambe Hironobusou
NIPPO 11-3041
Chikusei No Takami Go Chikusei Kazesou
NIPPO 8-26209


2 children, 5 grandchildren, 9 grandgrandchildren

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