We-Sedso Xtravaganza At Forza (ZaZa)
NP35085401 Female

Hips - good
Justa Massimiliano (Massi)
San Jo Jumpin Jack Flash
Tenkuu Go Etchuu Wakasugisou
Fumi Go Gold Typhoon Jp
AKC SB NM 91589401
Justa Little Bit Of Country
Prescott J Justa Red Hot
AKC NM56291403
Justa Scarlet Harlot
AKC NM59966602
We-sedso We Are The World (Molly)
vdh 09/1750047
We-Sedso Go Nippo (Nippo)
DCNH/VDH SI 01171/07
We-Sedso Sukiyaki
DCNH-SI 00966/05
Fukume Go Enshuu Hirosesou (Mimi)
NIPPO 14-11004
We-Sedso Icho-Zuki
VDH/DCNH SI 01194/07
We-Sedso Sukiyaki
DCNH-SI 00966/05
Ai We Sed So Shun'you Kensha
DCNH-SI 01157/07

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