Copperdots California Dream
NP18435801 Female

Hirose No Shougun Go Enshuu Hirosesou
AKC NP163946/01
Retsu No Mabataki Go Enshuu Hirosesou
NIPPO H17-7797
Ishi Go Kami Yasou
NIPPO 13-8783
Homare No Matoi Go Takahirasou
NIPPO 14-963
Hirose No Ayame Go Enshuu Hirosesou
NIPPO H18-4129
Toyoyasu Go Inuyama Hakusansou
NIPPO 9-29227
Suzukaze No Nana Go Takahirasou
NIPPO 11-21964
Shizuku Go Yamato Shinzansou
Yamashiro No Ryuuko Go Kyouto Daigo Kensha
NIPPO 9-34194

Okina No Maihime Go Yamato Shinzansou
NIPPO 9-15898


4 children, 3 grandchildren, 9 grandgrandchildren

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