Dutch Youth Champion
Namamekashii Go Kagetora (Sizo)
NHSB 2826179 Female

Ryouta Go Ashikaga Souunsou
NHSB 2746121
NIPPO H20-26127
Koutembou Go Akitsushimasou
NIPPO 15-10800
Kourin Go Suzuwasou
NIPPO 8-3375
Satsuki No Maihime Go Sagami Koharasou
NIPPO 13-14775
Benisuzu Go Ashikaga Souunsou
NIPPO H19-17771
Beniou Go Ashikaga Souunsou
NIPPO 16-20781
Tsukasahime Go Ashikaga Souunsou
NIPPO 11-21220
Kita Shunai Kagetora (Katara)
NHSB 2669254
Aso No Ryuuou Go Takayuusou
Tsukasa No Ryuuou Go Sunanuma Tsukasasou
NIPPO 10-14288
Takayuu No Satsuki Go Takayuusou
NIPPO 15-15346
NHSB 2374148
Qyoketsu Del Monte De Haya
NHSB 2125948
Girisha Hime Del Cazadora Blanca
NHSB 2280781


11 children, 0 grandchildren, 0 grandgrandchildren

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